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What's New?

My main web site is no longer password protected. Click on the link to go to my rocketry pages. Frankly, I was just spending too much time with e-mail requests for access to the site. Feel free to browse the site and register on the forum if you would like to exchange ideas with the community.

Disclaimer: You've seen it before, and here it is again. This web site details my experiments in experimental rocketry. This can be a dangerous activity! Always put the safety of yourself, other people and property first. It is not my intent to create a manual for experimental rocketry, rather an on-line log of my experiments. Use any information on this site at your own risk. This isn't kid's stuff, if you're not of legal age, get a responsible adult to introduce you to rocketry. If you're looking to blow things up, or make pretty things that fly at night, go elsewhere. There's nothing here for you.

This web site is a work in progress. While it will never be done, there is a lot more to come in the near future. Check back often! Comments and feedback are welcomed, in fact encouraged. Contact me on my EX Forum