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First new wind generator in years. Click Here for info on the 2x10 generator.

I wrote a program to calculate wind generator output for various diameter rotors in wind speeds up to 30 mph. Click here to download the software. Click here for a screen capture of the application.

Back in 2000 through 2002 I got interested in making wind generators. Take a look at my history page for some basic information. It's now early in 2009, and I'm back at it again. I found an old log book of wind data I collected over several months in 2001. For much of that summer, I ran an Air 403 commercial wind generator. I was disappointed at the performance of the $500 machine. I really felt a person could make one that performed better for less money. In the end, I sold the Air 403 and used the money to build my own. Here are some numbers from that log book.

Air 403:

Run time July 4th through September 17th. (Note, it wasn't on the tower the entire time.)

Days run: 69

Total Power Production: 10,833.1 Watt Hours

Average Daily Power Production: 187.55 Watt Hours

2x18 Home Built:

Run time September 18th through January 4th. (Note, again, it wasn't on the tower every day.)

Days run: 49

Total Power Production: 39,497.3 Watt Hours

Average Daily Power Production: 806 Watt Hours

Both generators were on the same 35' tower, in a pretty good wind location. The 2x18 had some early issues, that's the reason it was down so many days. The 403 was very durable, I never did have any problems with it at all. But the point to this is, you can make a generator at home that produces over 4 times the power, for about 60% the cost of the small commercial unit. For much of the 2x18's life, it ran on a half burned out stator. Had the stator been replaced, the unit would have averaged much more than it did.

Now the problem is getting the home built units reliable enough. That's my next job, the pages to come will document that quest.