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There are many great web sites documenting alternate energy and sustainable living. I'm not going to try to create a guide on alternate energy, or even make suggestions as to how a person should go about living. Rather, I'm going to document my experineces and thoughts as I attempt to move "off the grid".

The question that begs asking, is; "Why go off grid?". For some people it's a matter of neccessity, living beyond the grid infrastructure. For others it's a life style choice. Some do it to go green, others do it just to be self sufficient. Some don't like to be held hostage by utility companies, others fear either natural or manmade calamities. Other than the fact I do live in a location where the grid is available, I'm sort of all of the above. As Americans, (Canaidians as well) we use the most energy per capita of any country in the world. It's simply unsustainable, and soon will be cost prohibative to live in our current manor.

This is my second go around at living off grid, I was off grid some years ago. See my history page for that first attempt, and why it ultimeately failed. Check out the Blog for updates on current pages.