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Flight Test 170 was the third flight of the Intrepid 2 stage rocket, flown on 9 June 2012.

Here's a flight report on the Callisto sustainer flown at our IARG Fall launch.

Here's a quick page on some Radio Direction Finding tests using a 70 cm beacon.

I started a new main page for the Callisto project linking all relevant pages from this main page.

The Callisto Q class KNER motor was tested a second time on July 16, 2011. Early results and a video have been posted to the test page here.

The Intrepid 2 stage rocket was flown a second time at our June 11th launch to over 18,000' with an on board video camera.

On April 24th I flew the Intrepid 2 stage rocket to over 21,000', the build page is here with a flight report here. This was a quick 3 week build for me. This rocket features a 6" diameter KNSU booster (which I think is the largest ever built) and a 3.5" KNSU sustainer.

The first static test of the Callisto "Q" class has been performed, see the details in the ST169 report.

We have started an IARG group rocket project called the Callisto. This will be a "Q" class KNER motor propelling the Callisto. I have started a page on the Callisto project here.

Cosmo March 15, 1997 - April 6, 2009

Thanks old friend for 12 great years...


The Ganymede rocket has been launched, check out the details in Launch Test 155.

The Defiance Hybrid rocket was successfully flown to 23,474' and recovered on May 17, 2008. Check out the details on the Launch Test 149 page.

Aestus "O" class hybrid flew on November 3, 2007. The details are on the Launch Test 148 page.

The Defiance has successfully been flown to over 29,000'! Details and video of the flight have been posted to the updated Launch Test 134 page!

My third high altitude balloon flight reached over 80,000' and returned some fantastic pictures. See the details in the HAB3 Flight Report.

Second static test of the "O" class KNER motor was as close to a perfect test as I've seen.

While the recovery system failed, the A2MD rocket had a great flight to over 18,000' on an "N" class KNER motor.

The Prelude rocket was my first flight over 10,000' and picture perfect.

The SBS-6250 Static Test was my first ever "O" class motor test.

The first flight of the Cosmo 2 rocket may well be my favorite flights of all time. This rocket used a new propellant based on KN and Xylitol, the rocket also used a homemade altimeter I designed, built and programed, as well as one of my timers for backup deployment. This rocket from nose tip to nozzle was completely home built and resulted in a perfect flight, also my first documented flight over 1 mile.

Disclaimer: You've seen it before, and here it is again. This web site details my experiments in experimental rocketry. This can be a dangerous activity! Always put the safety of yourself, other people and property first. It is not my intent to create a manual for experimental rocketry, rather an on-line log of my experiments. Use any information on this site at your own risk. This isn't kid's stuff, if you're not of legal age, get a responsible adult to introduce you to rocketry. If you're looking to blow things up, or make pretty things that fly at night, go elsewhere. There's nothing here for you.

This web site is a work in progress. While it will never be done, there is a lot more to come in the near future. Check back often! Comments and feedback are welcomed, in fact encouraged. Contact me on my EX Forum